Saturday, April 2, 2011


Last night I attended My chemical romance's show at the Roseland theater. Before the show I got a text from a friend who works near by saying she spotted Gerard and mikey after that text I started freaking out a bit. Even now I am trying to put into words how amazing the show was. They had two opening acts one I think was the architects not my cup of tea so thats when I left for a drink. But the second opening band was neon trees who I was excited to see since I had to miss them last time they were here. They were great Tyler the lead singer has so much stage presence and at one point threw his shoes and socks into the crowd. To whoever caught those did you actually keep those it grosses me out I don't think id want anyones smelly sweaty shoes/socks eww. After neon trees played their set the stage people started setting up for my chem. I was getting so anxious and excited my teenage self was freaking out and squealing on the inside. It felt like it was taking FOREVER for them to come on the stage I kept thinking gosh the stage is all set whats taking forever. Then I saw that a girl had completely passed out and they were helping her out of the building a few seconds after she was taken out the lights went down and I hear "Look alive sunshine" The sold out crowd went nuts me and my friend looked at each other "Im so excited!" I couldn't believe I was finally seeing them it was my friends 8th time my first. It seemed friends of mine that liked them didn't live even close to me so I never got the chance to see them on previous tours. They blew my expectations for their show out of the water I heard their shows were amazing and they definitely were just that and more. It was so surreal to see all those boys now all grown up married and kids. I do have to say I am so glad my friend wanted to sit in the 21 + balcony. Because well this lady just doesn't mosh, I've never been a fan of it. I said to myself during the show "Oh god I am so glad I am up here" As much as I wanted to be front in center it was nuts so much moshing,crowd surfing and pushing. I snapped a few photos although you can't tell who they are since I was so far up but that's ok. I am sure some photos will surface soon of the show I've been watching videos of the show this afternoon wishing I could attend the show in seattle but of course it is sold out and I couldn't talk anyone in time to driving up there to see it. I did leave on their last song because looking at that huge amount of people all rushing to the tiny stairway I wanted to get out before that rush. Boy did I get looks for leaving early that was a first haha. I was not a fan of walking alone downtown to my car and came to a lovely parking ticket on my car. Which ticked me off the parking guy told me the machine was broken and to not worry about it and I didn't have to pay I clearly heard him say that. On the note placed with a envolpe for money it said " You pay or you have BIG PROBLEM" uh seriously?? I was like whatever you aren't going to ruin this night rude parking dude. But my night was not a good night I got home watched some tv before heading to bed. So around 1:30 or so in the morning someone starts knocking on my door three times with a little pause in between. WTF who does that?? I know my friends would call before hand it freaked me out non the less so my mom who lives close by run over with my step dad to walk outside my house and scope out my neighborhood still didn't ease my fears so I didn't sleep basically had another horrible nightmare 2nd night in a row about miss autumn same one as the night before. Then my body thought I should wake up early and not sleep in. I just cant seem to go back to sleep today even though I am extremely tired. But enough of that back to my chemical romance here are some of the photos I got last night.

I wish there were more videos I saw a ton of people recording upload those to youtube already people sheesh. I can defiantly say this was the best concert I've been to next to the killers those two shows go hand in hand. The killers well I wont get into it because that's a whole other story. But my chemical romance has so many memories, of high school etc etc so the show had so much more meaning. I felt like I was back in high school for that show. Which had some really amazing great memories then some not so amazing it was Well anywhoo I hope all of you are enjoying your weekends and have some fun plans.



  1. Mega jealous! Love the pictures. :D

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  3. @ Follow your heart have you seen them live before? so amazing.