Thursday, April 7, 2011

California here we come!

That's right I am going to California next Sunday April 17th.

I am so so excited. Ever since I left California last April (my first time ever visiting to) I fell in love with the palm trees and sun. I got to be there for a good two weeks which sadly just wasn't enough time. This trip is a short three days but we will be jamming as much stuff into those three days as possible sleep when you die right? We're leaving bright in early to catch a shuttle to the airport and a early flight out and late flight out so we can make the most out of it. It's been so gloomy and rainy with random days here and there with a brake in sun. But I needed a get away. I sweat I think about California like every day (no joke). I love portland don't get me wrong I think I would love to live there for a few years. I liked San fran but it's to small for me I need a huge city life and all of that it seemed to crammed together for my liking. But I really loved LA (well not the traffic eeek they weren't lying when they said it was bad) I've also been thinking about wait not thinking hoping I can squeeze getting a tattoo again at high voltage. I will plan a trip one day just for seeing Kat or dan I know for a fact they wont be open they are always booked. But I know they all do amazing work, if mojo was working again Id love to have him do another tattoo on me he was great. So I plan on going as soon as we arrive to see if they have anything open for the three days I will be there. *Fingers crossed* Im still thinking of the placement why do I always have a heard time with that sheesh. So that's my big news for today :D.

Today also marks the fourth day in a row of my working out. Also I've been craving water instead of diet coke (Even better!) I already feel a difference YAY :) things are fitting better so I am very excited to keep this up. Although the next three days will be kind of impossible to work out. I have a early long day tomorrow. Watching both girlies, then I pick up my friend from the train station, And my favorite part TYPHOON at my favorite portland venue Doug fir. After that I will be off to the lovely oregon coast again for the weekend. This month is turning out to be a good one. Anywhoo it's way past this lady's bed time tonight I had plans of going to bed early clearly that did not happen.

Good night



  1. I also love California, but I might be biased because I've lived here my whole life. But what I love about California is how different all the regions are. I was born and raised in Oakland and I've been living in San Diego for the past 3 years, and the two cities are so different! I also love LA and can picture myself living there once I start my career.

    Have fun on your trip!

  2. @ Bre I love that each city is so different that's my favorite part. I went to San diego back in I think 2006 the area I was in was a really pretty place. Give me palm trees and sunshine I'm sold.

  3. I'd love to visit california, its been somewhere i have always wanted to go to. The first house i grew up in was in a street called california close, and ever since i wanted to go :). One day im sure i will get there.

    Zoe x x

  4. oh have fun! definitely cram in as much as you can and drink as much caffeine as possible to keep you going for longer!! haha. im very jealous, have never been to california.

    Also, due to illness I gained 70lbs in three years :-O so i am also on the losing weight merry-go-round. definitely focus on one day at a time

  5. @ Rosieposie Yes I I don't think we will sleep much just so that we can get as much in as possible. Oh you'd love it California is just lovely sunny and palm trees you cant go wrong really. One day at a time is really the best way to look at it it makes it a little easier I think.