Saturday, April 23, 2011

Quick hello

I've been really wanting to blog but my lovely MacBook decided it should act up. I have so much to talk about,my California trip etc etc. And tomorrow being Easter I don't know if stores are open or not. But I was stupid and didn't buy apple care when I got my laptop so im kind of scared to what this is going to run me. Since with my experience AppleCare never has saved me any money. Anywho tomorrow is Easter so I have some baking to do for our family Easter dinner tomorrow. I'm making some candy bars thanks to Elise's recipe on her blog. Todays weather was just beautiful it got up to 70 it was perfect. Sadly it's just supposed to go back to rain next week with one sunny day. What gives Portland why are you taking so long to have our spring weather can we please have more sunshine? Well I must get into the kitchen and make those candy bars. I hope you all have a fantastic Easter.


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