Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Good day

Yesterday was just one of those really good days. I got to sip my morning coffee while uploading/ editing and writing my beach blog post before Autumn came over it was perfect. The only thing that would of made it better if there was sunshine. AH I am so over all this rain and gloomy. I feel like were never going to get spring air,sunshine,fresh flowers, and freshly cut grass. This year just seems like its taking longer then normal. Anywhoo soon after she came over we went over to my friend/ old room mate's house (Also used to be my house), to have a little play date with Mr. Wyatt. He's exactly a week older then her and so handsome defiantly will be a ladies man. They got to play the whole after noon together, they even watched a movie together on the couch *soo cute* It was to cute for words. Garsh I feel like she grows and gets bigger every day. *sniff* I love that little girl to bits and pieces and love that I get to be a part of her life and watch her grow into a little lady. I did manage to snap a few photos from yesterday.

They took turns pushing each other around, at one point they both sat in it but I was not quick enough getting a picture of it, it always ended up blurred. :(

After all the playing had been had I took the little munchkin home and came back for some yummy turkey burgers, red potatoes, and some cooked broccoli it was Y U M. It was nice to hang out with my old roomie again, it sorta felt like I had never left. I do miss living with them the fun late nights watching movies and stuffing our faces with candy and popcorn. But I do love my own space so much more the privacy and quiet is for me. I love those girls a whole lot. I've known them my whole life.

Halloween 2009. I put that costume together so fast because I was silly enough to think id be able to find anything a day before halloween. Oops.

I love that car. The road runner my friend's dad's car which he still has to this day.

My dad and their dad were best friends since I want to say high school. So I consider them family, so it made today one of those good days. I think Id like to work out a play date once a week with mr wyatt. I hope you all had a fantastic Tuesday.


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  1. They are just so adorable, what cutie pies :)

    Zoe x