Saturday, April 16, 2011

Vacation time

( Got rid of those icky roots the other day. I feel like its not as RED this time. So next time I am going a little brighter red.)

I felt like this vacation would never come. I am off for a five day vacation not long I really wish I could take a good took week vacation somewhere warm but this will due and is still a great get away. Not just a drive somewhere. I don't feel like I can get a real vacation unless I get on a plane and fly. OH I am so excited about the plane I love flying SO excited haha. This morning I am off on a bus (almost took the train but their seats are like rocks and for 3 1/2 hours no thank you) to Seattle just for the day. Tomorrow morning myself and my friend take a super early shuttle to the airport and catch our flight off to the beautiful sunny Los Angels,California eep! I will return with pictures and such I am kind of bummed that the last few days in LA have been in the 80's then goes to the 70's and 60's I would of loved the 80's but I am not complaining it's so rainy here. It seems like A LOT more then the usual. So it will be great to get out of the rain for a bit. Id love if I returned to sunny weather we shall see (probably not,haha)
Some things I am looking forward to on this trip are seeing Campfire ok tonight in seattle, Walking sleep in LA. I got the chance to see walking sleep last time we were in LA and we got lucky enough they were playing a residency again at the satellite.

So I shall see you all in a few days have a lovely weekend.



  1. I love your haircolor...and this might sound weird, but i love your eyebrows! I can't wait to see your tattoo pics when it's all healed! Have a safe trip home!

  2. okay, i adore your instagram feed (i'm amelie522), and i thought the beautiful little lady in your pics was YOUR little bean. you must be the best nanny on the planet. how lucky is she?? love your blog, your style, everything. our little clan is moving to portland in the fall, and i can't wait. i won't be the odd one out anymore because i cloth diaper, cosleep, breastfeed, and babywear! oh, and *GASP* i breastfeed in public. anyway, LOVE your blog.

  3. @Meg Thanks :) and haha that's not weird I have a weird thing with eyebrows. Those were my freshly waxed brows. I will post photos soon it's in the peeling / itchy stage right now. SO annoying!

    @Amelie522 It's easy to think that I get asked if she's mine all the time. She's actually my neice. I love getting to watch her everyday she's got the biggest personality. I couldnt imagine not watching her. How exciting you'll just love loving here. Have you visited before? Or just wanted to move here. I couldn't imagine living anywhere else.

  4. Hair looks beautiful. Hope you are having an amazing vacation!