Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The perfect weekend.

Hello, It has been a few days since I have last blogged I've been a tad busy lately and had a friend visiting from Seattle and we kept busy with going to a show and taking a trip down to the oregon coast to visit my grandma. Boy oh boy this passed weekend was the best weekend. Friday night we saw the incredible and amazing Portland band Typhoon they were more amazing then I had even thought. I fell in love with their first album hunger and thirst after just a few seconds into the first song Starting over (bad habits) There are so many people in the band, instruments I was hoping it would be as magical as it sounded on the cd. It was even more there is one song in particular that I wasn't sure if I would cry during or not. The lyrics just get to you and as soon as  cpr claws came on I felt my eyes well up but fought the urge.

I didn't not get any pictures myself from the show cause I was silly and left my camera at home. But my super talented photography friend 
Lori paulson took some of the show.

I did manage to get pictures of the set list I snagged and the two posters I got for free at the show score.

Theres also a review of the show and more pictures here  

I very very strongly recommend seeing them if they come to your neck of the woods just do it. Later this weekend I ate WAY WAY to much food but it was so so much fun. I took some photos but I wish I had more photos to document our food journey. I felt like at the end of the night we were all on a episode of that show man vrs food. It all started at a winery in depoe bay we tasted I want to say like 8 or 9 wines lets just say I should of had a bigger breakfast oops. We all had a blast there my two uncles came in for the night so they joined us and it was a blast. After that we all hopped in the party van sorta speak haha and headed to Rouge brewery for some "Research" my uncle works at kells irish pub in downtown portland so we called this stop beer research it was fun. I had the Hazelnut brown it was delish just the right amount of hazelnut and beer combination I tried my friends mocha porter as well also very good thumbs up. We had some appetizers while we were there as well before we headed to a irish pub for more bee and appetizers I tried the fried oysters. My uncle was determined to get me to eat one Im usually pretty good at trying new things I wouldn't eat them all raw like no thank you so I said Id eat them friend cause I love fried calamari.  We all sat for a few to digest all this food and beer we've had before heading to another place yes we went to another place. gallucci's pizza in lincoln city for a veggie pizza and beer. The pizza was HUGE this is where the feeling of being on man vrs food began there was six of us but every one was so full we all looked at each other not sure of finishing this and having cold breakfast pizza which I am totally ok with. But some how we demolished it and all vowed to never eat again. That was so much food I felt more full then I am on thanksgiving also felt like I had five food babies growing inside of me. I knew I would sleep like a baby that night and I indeed did. Lori and myself had to leave bright and early so I could be back to watch miss autumn. We had a good drive back with some stump town coffee and good music. It was a much needed little get away I always hate leaving the beach. But I know I will be back soon its my home away from home. Later that day lori and I took miss autumn to saint cupcake for her first cupcake bakery experience. I've been wanting to take her for some time and she LOVED it I got her the big top cause she loves chocolate chips, I got myself the hot fudge on chocolate and of course being the hard core chocolate lover she is stole my cupcake from right under me little goober so we shared that one. It was just the sugar rush she needed so was so hyper after that. Thank you Lori for capturing the cute picture of her eating her cupcake(s) I had such a great weekend filled with family, one of my bestest friends and a great show. It was one of those weekends that make you feel loved and thankful. I came across some letters this weekend with my dads name and address and threw me threw a loop you could say. It's silly how just a name and address can be overwhelming. But thankfully I have some amazing family that make me feel very loved I don't know what id do without them. Ah sorry enough of that. Now I must prepare and get everything I need for my trip to Seattle and  LA this weekend. I am pretty sure I have everything my polaroid film arrived in the mail just in time yesterday (phew!) I was afraid it wouldn't make it. It will be lovely to wear dresses without tights Ah I am so giddy about it. There will be tons of pictures to share next week when I get back. I also have some super adorable pictures from yesterdays sunny day me and autumn had outside. I still have to edit those so I will post those up later today. I hope you all had a great weekend and week since this week seems to be zooming by again. 

Half demolished blue berry cheesecake waffle at the waffle window in portland.
(I really need to start taking my camera with me more instead of my iphone always taking the pictures.)

Cupcakin it up at saint cupcake.


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