Monday, April 4, 2011

Boy oh boy

Am I feeling out of shape tonight. Earlier I did the Brazilian butt lift work out boy oh boy I am already feeling it which means tomorrow morning I will be feeling it even more. (Btw the guys voice is SUPER annoying this borat teaching you during a workout) "Very nice" . But it made me realize even more I need to get my butt in shape literally I said back in march that one of my goals was to start working out more. I think I worked out a few times then got lazy again and stopped,UGH! I always do this I'll get on a kick and be like oh I got this, and this time will be different blah blah blah. BUT I need to do it I always feel so good about my self and so much more energy. Some how I get back in a rut eating not so great things for me, not sleeping enough and not getting any exercise in. I bought a bunch of work out dvd's but I want to get outside more and start running again. My motivation are these swimsuits.

I will keep this up I have along way to go to get to where Id like to be it's going to be a long road thats for sure. My goal is to work out at least five days a week monday-friday and weekends are my free days. I also kind of wish I had a trainer but at the same time I don't because I remember when I got one for signing up at the gym I felt like I was on the biggest loser it was intense but I think after a few sessions it would get easier. I don't mind intense just not so intense where you feel like your going to barf that's the worst. I have a lot of dvd's though so I can switch it up and not get bored with one work out over and over again. I've heard Bob harper's ( Biggest loser coach) boot camp one is pretty good maybe that will be my next purchase. After that tiring exhausting work out I enjoyed a relaxing lush bath with one of my favorite lush bath bombs.

It was much needed after today I did some major cleaning of my bedroom today SO.MUCH.DUST. I couldn't stop sneezing but my house feels a lot better. I forgot how fast dust collects when you have wood floors and not carpet. But I wouldn't change it I HATE carpet I prefer hard wood floors anyway. Well it's time for this lady to get some beauty sleep I have a early day ahead of me tomorrow.

good night xoxo


  1. i laughed so loud at your description of the workout guy :)
    Im so the same i start of well and work out 3 times a week then do nothing for a week etc etc.
    Im hoping to do my youga tonight, i did plan to do it last night, cracky kiddo stipped that :)

    Zoe x

  2. I get in the same rut and then wonder why I feel depressed!! haha... So I am back on the working out and being healthy program again too. At least we know we are not alone eh?! :) Also, I love love love those swimsuits - very pretty!! Hope you slept well :)

  3. i mean this in the greatest way possible but riding a bike really helps lift your butt and makes for some incredible leg muscles! i have been soooo happy since i started riding many years ago and i feel so more confident too!

    i love that two piece! high waisted bottoms are so cute and really flattering..i love the hourglass figure it gives me! makes me feel like a pin up!


  4. @ Zoe haha it really is hilarious you should youtube him. I think next time I will just turn him down and listen to my music its that annoying.

    @ The mint palace I know I get the same way I get going then stop and go ugh and down on myself. It's good to know were not alone phew. :)

    @ CB I love riding bikes I want to get one for the nice weather so I can just ride it around I hate the ones at the gym though they are just so uncomfortable. I love the pin up look its just gorgeous.