Monday, April 4, 2011

Music monday

Hello hello, How is it Monday already again geez time just gets faster and fast each week I do hope this week goes fast because this Friday one of my best friends comes in from Seattle for the weekend to attend a show with me Typhoon is their name. And they are amazing. After that the next day we will be heading down to the beach but taking the long way and going through Astoria since I have never been but it looks like such a pretty place. And one of my favorite movies was shot there Goonies. Enough of that I thought Id like to bring back Music monday and this monday I thought in the spirt of the show this week I would start with Typhoon.

Here's a little interview I found here

It makes me happy and proud they are from Portland. I first came upon that back in January when my friend and I went into Tender loving empire Which is their record label also a store where they sale local artist's cd's and hand made things from local portland artist. I am so happy we stumbled upon that store back in January because now I have fallen in love with them. Here are some videos of my favorite songs.

White liars.

CPR / Claws Pt. 2

NPR Music Tiny SXSW Concert: Typhoon
-Typhoon performs a medley of "The Sickness Unto Death" and "The Honest Truth"

I hope you give then a listen and hope that your ears fall in love just like mine have.

Happy monday everyone



  1. Oooh, Portland! Hooray. Love my city:-) Thanks for sharing! I'll have to check them out! xoxo

  2. Yay another blogger from Portland :)