Tuesday, April 5, 2011

One day at a time.

Is what I am telling myself with working out. If I think about it as a whole like I have ** lbs to loose I won't work out and just get frustrated and not do it. Tonight I wanted to mix it up and I did jillian michael's yoga melt down work out still quite sore from the brazilian butt work out yesterday so yoga was a good choice. It hurts to sit down and walk up and down stairs though at this point. Haha but it will get better I have a love hate relationship with that feeling its good cause you know you've worked out but sucks because well it hurts. Tomorrow I think I will do my jillian michael's 30 day shred that one is super intense I did it for seven days in a row and still every time I was sore and my legs were like jello. I yelled at the tv multiple times during those work outs thankfully nobody can hear me. After all that yoga I had some super yummy spaghetti with spinach, turkey meat and mushrooms YUMZ. Now I am sitting comfortably blogging and watching the biggest loser my little motivation after a good work out and motivation for tomorrow. I kind of want to do yoga in the morning before miss autumn comes over and then cardio at night or the other way around. Today was a little exhausting though Miss scarlet was more cranky then the usual I think she was just overly tired you could tell in her eyes she would be drifting off then wake herself up and cry then drift off and so on. She finally took her nap around I think 2ish after picking her up at almost 8ish this morning. It was also one of those days where I woke up and just wanted to stay in my warm cosy bed until like 10. And not all of the caffeine in the world was waking me up. I had a red bull and a couple cups of coffee. But tomorrow I get to sleep in until maybe 9 but if I do my work out i could sleep until 8 instead of the 6:00 I normally get up. And T minus four days till I will be back at the beach again!! And it's supposed to be sunny the whole time (Fingers crossed) It's Oregon so you really can't depend on the weather. In other news I have decided I will be adopting a doggy from golden bond rescue. Its a rescue place for golden retrievers. I read a story about one dog Chester and fell in love BUT since I am not a homeowner my landlord has to hand write a letter to mail in with my application or it will be denied. So I am still working on that. But I want to get it going since it can take up to six months for the whole process. They have to come and view the home. And meet the girls I watch as well as my families dogs who he/she will interact with. I feel like I am adopting a child. Which in a way I am. But I AM SO EXCITED. And after my creepy night the other night I decided I really need a dog.It's getting late for this lady I am pooped since apparently that coffee and red bull had zero effect on me. I am about to pass out real hard.
Good night ladies.


P.S. Campfire ok's new video Brass check it out amazing. I cant wait to see them in Seattle on the 16th!!

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