Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring fever

Hello lovelies, After being cooped up in bed for the past four days and sleeping a good 14 plus hours a day. It's made me even more anxious for spring. I just want to spring clean and organize. I do that after being sick I just want to clean and de germ every inch of my place. I've even felt the urge to paint. But being a renter I have to be very careful with colors and to get the ok for them before going forward with any choices. There are a few rooms I had in mind painting the entry way, right now its a very lime-ish green I don't hate the color I just think personally it doesn't flow into the rest of the house So Id like to keep it maybe the same color as the kitchen which I already have the color in my basement its a off white creamy color thats simple. Then there is the sun room right now its very orange I think the name actually is called carrot something or something carrot but it just doesn't fit I see what she was going with I think even toning it down to maybe a peachy color would be gorgeous. Then lastly there is the studio there are two red walls which its just not a great color for a studio space I want like a pretty pastel purple. The only downside of red is it's so dark so there would be primer involved. But I feel like it would be fun have a painting pizza party maybe some beer it would be fun. I always want to paint in the spring I don't know what it is about wanting to make everything seem so clean and fresh. I think a trip to the paint store is in order looking into colors and seeing if they would be ok. In other news yesterday I got a bunch of pretty packages in the mail which made me so so excited. I took some pretty pictures of them.

These super super adorable boots from dear whimsy

My lovely lemon pie dress from red velvet and let me tell you it's just as adorable in person as it is in pictures, I just can't wait to wear it out.

Even the packaging was cute and it came with some cute little gifts inside.

Also today I've made myself get organized with my etsy I had been putting it on the back burner and today I took some pictures and measured and got everything ready. I still have a few more items to take pictures of but I wanted to give you a sneak peak it should be up and running this weekend. The rest of my day is going to be spent cleaning up my mess of a house that it's become since being sick and de germ my place and go grocery shopping I have zero food, milk or eggs and Im starved I know they say that's the worse time to shop I say it's the perfect time because then I buy everything in site ( I try to stay away from the bad things in site..most of the time) Because if I shop when Im not hungry I end up buying enough for a meal maybe two then end up back at the grocery store two times a week so I have something to eat. Tomorrow I re enter the real world sort of speak going back to watching the little ones. I hope that everyone has enjoyed their week so far.



  1. i so glad you are feeling better! i really hope with all this rest i get better too!

    you have to post about your lemon pie dress! that was one of my favorites!


  2. Thanks. I hope your feeling better as well rest is really the only way to get better. And I will :)