Monday, March 14, 2011

It's monday already

I honestly don't know where the time goes. It's winding down here on this Monday night. Today was filled with little muchkins miss autumn and miss scarlet. Autumn is the cutest when it comes to babies she just loves to help she would get so upset if scarlet was upset and would get her bottle for her to feed her. Then when I would walk around with scarlet she would put a little burp cloth on her shoulder with her little baby doll. Its just the cutest thing I have ever seen. Between those two I am worn out I don't know how single momma's do that and work or do that and run their business, major props to you. I got through it though with the work of three cups of coffee and two red bulls. Sad thing is I am out of red bull for tomorrow I may just have to leave early to buy some before I start my day. And while going through my day this is what I wore.

The lemon pie dress: Red velvet
Cardigan: Urban outfitters
Tights: Urban outfitters
Shoes: Vintage

I love love this dress so much Miss elsie seriously you have outdone yourself. I am just in love with the spring line. Eek look at the time It's time for me to get myself all ready for bed. I also let my deadline go of getting my etsy up this weekend. I am horrible with time management these days. New and final deadline is Wednesday because I have that day off and I know it will be easier to get done. I hope everyone had a good monday I know they can be tough especially with spring a head and losing a hour of sleep.

xoxo lovelies


  1. you look so great in that dress! very jealous!


  2. Hi Tabby! I'm new to your blog and just adore it and you. I was wondering if we could talk about sponsoring one another. I just started my blog a few months ago and I figured since we both sponsor seablanket, why not keep the circle going. I thought I left you a comment somewhere, but I can't seem to find it so figure me if you've already heard this from me before :)