Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I need a vacation

I've been feeling the blues and in the need of a vacation to get refreshed. Not just time off at home to catch up but to get out of town leave and just relax and have fun. My dream is ultimately California but that isn't in the cards right now. Soon though soon because I don't know how much longer I can take it I miss the weather and just everything. But I've been missing the Oregon coast as well I have two trips there planned one this month for four days then one in April for three. I'm very excited though the Oregon coast is so gorgeous we have our beach house booked my favorite house wasn't available :( I think it got sold it was for sale when we went so Im guessing the new owners didn't want to keep it as a rental house.

I also miss my long hair *le sigh*

Ah I can't wait to get away hopefully some good weather will be awaiting at the beach. Enjoying my first mini road trip in my new car oh yes by the way I finally got my new car I kept it to myself because I have this theory if I talk about it at all I jinx myself into not getting whatever it is. I know silly but it proved right this time as well as my house so I am sticking to it. But she's gorgeous guys let me tell you I really got lucky on this one the owners took perfect care of her and she has wait for it a SUNROOF. Oh gosh I have been wanting a car with one since eesh forever and this one had one. I was jumping on the inside but wanted to get it checked out before buying it because of my previous car troubles. And she was great and ready to be mine.

If you could go on a vacation right now to anywhere in the world where would it be?



  1. im soooooo in need of a hoilday also, and right now id be happy with anywhere.
    But if i could chose id want to go somewhere warm and sunny with loads of places to go on adventures,maybe canada and then i could visit my sister or india.
    so im not fussy hahah :)


  2. maybe in your new car you could drive to cali!!!


  3. @ zoe Canada would be fun. Its on my list of places to visit.

    @ cb oh how I want to maybe this summer cali in the summer is probably just as gorgeous as it is in the spring.

  4. Just found your blog and LOVE it! Def. a new follower :)!

    If I could go anywhere, I think I'd like to be dropped right in the middle of these photos. Looks lovely. Mmmmmm.....