Thursday, March 3, 2011

March goal list

Eek I can't believe it's already a few days into march but I've made some goals for myself. Mainly to get into shape and be healthier, I was looking through old photos and was like eek what happened?? And I want to finally wear cute swim suits this summer on my many of trips I have planned. So its time to crack down and hope to accomplish them this month.

1.) I will kick butt 5 days a week to jillian micheals 30 day shred & yoga meltdown.

As well as incorporating the brazilian butt lift work out that I just purchased.

I mean if alessandra ambrosio swears by it, it must work right? My sister has used it and really liked it. So I figured id give it a try.

2.) I will drink more water and less pop. Lately I've had these cravings for diet coke I don't buy it because if it's in my house I will drink it. But my mom has some so occasionally I steal a can. But I need to kick the diet coke cravings.

3.) Eat healthier.

4.) plan out my meals when I grocery shop.
I have been so horrible at this lately I feel like I am in a food rut and eating the same things every week how boring, I need to spice it up and introduce new recipes into the mix.

5.) Get back into using my film camera's

6.) Really start my etsy. I have plans and ideas its finding the time to do them no more excuses.

I think that's a good goal list.

Ready set go!

Do you have any goals your working on or would like to work towards?



  1. I am exactly the same way when it comes to grocery shopping. I always end up buying and eating the same foods. I need to learn new recipes but I just don't have enough time :(

  2. @ Bre I got a little better this week. My problem is never buying enough for meals though the whole week. Someday someday.

    @ Dominique aw shucks thanks :)

  3. I feel the same also, i hate being in a rut im trying to plan a routine to fit in working out, my etsy's, Penny, cooking and everything else :)
    How good would longer weekends be and more hours in a day!!!


  4. I agree I think a week should be eight days long a extra day on the weekend would be fabulous.

  5. These are great goals lady! You can do them! :-)