Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wish list wednesday

I am so glad it's Wednesday (almost I am writing this Tuesday night because tomorrow is going to be a busy day) And because that means it's almost Thursday and that means I will be off to the beach for four fantastic days :) Cant wait to relax although it's supposed to rain so hopefully not to much so we can enjoy a walk on the beach every morning. I love taking a early walk on the beach and our beach house is only 4 blocks to the beach so it will be just lovely. But lets get to my pretty wish list for this week.

101 ovations dress

Betsey Johnson Terrance party dress

1950's busy bee dress

1940's lavender eyelet inset day dress

A pair of saddle shoes. $2.85 a pair that is crazy!

pastel rainbow dress
I wish this dress was in my size

I've been all over etsy this week. I think I need to win the lottery all ready and I probably try to win its not like a wining ticket will be on the ground one day and I happen to pick it up and win. I have talked about winning in great detail what I would do ect. I would surprise my mom and buy her, her dream house. The go travel everywhere for months. Oh a girl can dream can't she?

Hope you all our enjoying your wednesday or hump day I never liked that name so scratch that happy wednesday lovelies.


  1. These are so pretty! There are way too many gorgeous dresses out this spring... I'm afraid the atm is going to have an arm fly out and punch me in the face the next time I try and get money out!

  2. @ NikkNaks oh I know so so many. Hahaha I feel like that all the time.