Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wish list wednesday

This week features one gorgeous Betsey johnson dress and adorable swim suits that will be my incentive to kick my booty in shape literally.

Betsey Johnson Sugary Confection Dress

I cant explain how freaking adorable this dress is. I would feel like a real life princess in this dress. It needs to go on a really REALLY good sale.

Natalie One-Piece

Floral Rush Bikini

Long Soak Bikini

Sparkle & Fade Hi-Waisted Sailor Shorts

Sandy's wardrobe in Grese LOVE LOVE.

I love watching that movie for the clothes ah id die if I could have sandy's wardrobe. Perfect for spring and summer time, le sigh.

Enjoy your Wednesday.



  1. :) My favorite wardrobe was Rizzo in Grease- I just hated her haircut. :)

  2. I agree her hair cut could of been better. Dang I think I'm going to watch grease tonight now.

  3. I love these findings so much!! You have great fav is floral rush bikini!