Sunday, March 20, 2011

Im in the mood

I've got road trips on the brain, it's all I can think about. I just want to get on the open road with good friends,a good road trip playlist, junk food and lots of caffeine,and those silly road trip pictures everyone takes in the car. The more I think about it California was the best trip I've been on right next to my trip to Hawaii. Even though at the end of my trip to California I vowed to never do that drive again. I'm itching to do it again. And not get a accident and have to get brand new brakes this time. But myself and my friend may have a weekend trip planned to California sometime in May but I defiantly want to road trip it back to cali this summer. Possibly go longer so we have more time in both San fran and Los Angeles

I want to stop at cute diners on piers and eat yummy pancakes.

If you've ever seen the show the oc this would be the diner they went to in basically every episode. A lot smaller then I thought it would be.

And I know I wont be able to stop myself for going back to high voltage tattoo. I have a idea in mind for a tattoo but the placement isn't decided yet that's always the toughest part for me. Id love love to get tattooed by Kat but the last time I went about a year ago she was booked a year out. Id also like to be tattooed by Dan as well but if they are taken I know they are all very talented,So we shall see my fingers are crossed. I wish I could be packing for a road trip there right now the weather was perfect this time of year.

I hope everyone enjoyed their sunday's and relaxed as every sunday should be. I had a lovely perfect Sunday started out with having a yummy brunch and bloody marry at city state diner, after that headed over to the Laurelhurst theater to see a movie. It all ended with a family taco night at my aunt's house it was the perfect sunday.



  1. I just took a roadtrip to San Diego to Ventura County this weekend. Sometimes I drive home from San Diego to the bay area which is a 8-9 hour road trip. Got to love how big California is :)

  2. awesome! i'm going on a road trip this weekend to moab!! i can't wait and i've got to say, your post didn't help things. now i'm dying to go!! it's going to be all summery there as well which i'm really looking forward to :)

  3. @ Bre Ohhh that road trip in Cali sounds gorgeous I'm jealous.

    @ Kandice hehe I'm sorry :) Summery weather is just want Im looking for right now its so rainy right now here in Oregon.

  4. Oh my gosh, I LOVE how cute your ipod looks!!! Mine is just ugly and plain.

    Also, the drive from Portland through Oregon and northern California is so so pretty and by far one of my favorites. I am convinced thats where the Narnia books take place or something, haha

  5. @ Vanessa Thanks I wanted something girly. Oh I know that drive is just so so pretty. Haha I never read the books but saw the movie I could defiantly see that.