Monday, March 28, 2011

Hello Monday.

Happy Monday everyone.

I just got back from the beach yesterday afternoon I'm not going to lie i'm missing the beach I just love how relaxing it is. But I will be back in a few weeks for a couple days with a friend so I can just look forward to that trip. I would love a family beach house to be able to go to whenever I want and not have to pay to rent one for a just a few days. Someday someday. But today I've got some errands to run on my day off. Do some cleaning and laundry I kind of left the house a mess after packing up a storm before I left.
I also need to do some grocery shopping but my list is looking a little small I hate this eating rut. I need some good food blogs for healthy eating. After that beach trip I need to get back on my work out wagon and eating better. So if anyone knows of some good recipes or food blogs that would be much appreciated :). I also have pictures to upload and edit from the beach trip. Sadly I didn't take to many mainly because it rained A LOT not sprinkles but down poured :( which meant not a lot of walks on the beach. I will post later today the pictures I did manage to take. Also Miss Autumn had two disposable cameras from the trip that I cant wait to develop and see all the ones she took of her face and floor haha. I love how into taking pictures she already is such a cutie pie. Enjoy your monday dearies.


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  1. pretty pictures i cant wait to see more, so glad you had a great time.

    Zoe x