Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Have you heard

About the velvet bird's new dress line? If not boy oh boy you are missing out but I will show you some of my favorite's. Her dresses are so delicate and pretty. Id love to have one of my very own. I love purchasing and supporting handmade clothing. And even better when your out and you get a lot of compliments on it even though I did not make it myself. It makes me happy to hear them more so then if I bought a dress from a store where everyone can wear one. Handmade is just extra special. So you should take a look at her blog & shop

These are my favorite from her collection.



Are you in love? If so you are in luck she's giving away one of her pretty dresses whichever you choose how UH MAZING is that. So if you would like to enter you should head on over to her blog and enter.

Have a wonderful day lovely's


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