Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Oh so excited: for a family reunion

For this weekend to get here, I am going to a family reunion with my moms side of the family. The last time EVERYONE got together was ten years ago. We always go to the same place Crystal mountain lodge in Washington. Its right by Mount Rainier and its absolutely gorgeous up there. To just be surrounded by trees and nature ah I'm getting all excited just thinking about it. I got a email from my great uncle saying that there will be a keg and lots of wine haha I love my family. I will have my camera on me at all times to capture it all. There will also be lots of hiking this weekend there are tons and tons of trails I cannot wait. I wanted to share some pictures from their site so you can get a feel for the beauty.

Gorgeous right?

There is even horse back riding. Id love to go but had a incident when I was little on my first horse back riding experience I fell off the house and never wanted to do it again after that. But then again I was like 10. So maybe I'll give it another go.



I can't wait to take everything in and spend time with family all weekend. I just hope I can beat this cold, it seems anytime miss autumn is sick days later I am to. My whole head feels all cloudy and stuffed up so I've been drinking TONS of water and tea I slept a good ten hours last night. I was debating on if I should even work out today or rest it off. But to be honest I don't want to sit in bed or on the couch all day. Im kind of addicted to working out after joining the gym.


Last night I was actually like "How many hours till the gym opens? I want to work out" This is new for me haha Im pretty excited. Yesterday I was on the treadmill I had my headphones on and I saw on the tv that blaine from Glee was going to be on Regis and Kelly I guess I happened to say "Oh Yay" out loud cause the lady next to me said she was a fan as well, Haha awkward. Im a new fan of glee I was bored one night and thought id give it a try I watched the valentines day episode first and I was hooked after that. Are you a fan of the show? if so who's your favorite character? If you haven't seen it this is probably why I got hooked. Isn't he just to cute?

Also my little yard has become quite the jungle
This was from a little over a week ago.
And taken yesterday the poppy's are INSANE I love them. But four huge bushes of them I think are a bit much and everything is just blooming like crazy the grass is growing faster then I can keep up with. It seems like there are more weeds then grass. And all I have is a push mower but when you have SO many weeds its a pain in the ass. Taking care of a yard is a lot harder then I thought and very overwhelming. I've also descovered I have quite a lot that I didn't know I had like

- 2 apple trees
- a pear tree
-hazelnut tree
-another tree my uncle said I had that I can't remember the name of.
- lilacs's (which sadly I have discovered those were the flowers making my allergies go CRAZY. Sad because they are so pretty)
I also have tulips and some rose bushes as well and some other flowers me or my grandma couldn't identify. And that is just the back yard. Yeah so there is A LOT going on back there haha. Well I am off to the gym in hopes working out helps this little cold of mine.


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  1. Everything is so pretty! It's unfortunate that your allergies act up around lilacs! It's great that you're so into the gym! I'm trying to get that motivation back! I love your blog, I'm now following! =) Hope you can check out mine sometime