Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nothing taste as good as thin feels.

My grandma used to say that a lot when I was in high school and now I really feel like that saying is so very true because.


Well this was taken after realizing I fit back into my skinny jeans!!! Thank you Jillian Michael's I think I defiantly hit my loose 5 lbs goal.Being able to get in those without squeezing and doing squats to squeeze into them is amazing. This face could also go with the fact that I scored THIRD ROW FLOOR TICKETS to katy perry's show July 22nd!!


I loved her performance on this years Victoria secret fashion show.

I am kinda stoked and excited to dress up and dance the night away. I know her show will be amazing. In other news I turned down the wedding job I slept on it and without having any experience in shooting weddings and talking to my friend who does it for a living helped me decide and offered for me to help assist her sometime which I will totally take her up on. I just couldn't help but to think if I messed up the pictures of their big day and the only thing to help them remember that day. Id be crushed if that was me. I hope you all had a lovely day I know I did.



  1. Congrats on the skinny jeans! I am a bit jealous that you got ticket to KP; that will be such a fun show!



  2. you're so lucky! By the time i realized Katy Perry was coming to town, it was sold out. have a good time!

  3. @ Sarah thanks :) It will I will snap some photos for sure :)

    @ steph have you tried stubhub? I know sometimes they can be a bit out there but thats where I got mine they weren't that much more then the original price. So I think its something to look into.