Thursday, January 13, 2011

House warming party

Wow today has flown by. I woke up three hours late today eep! I was supposed to watch miss autumn at 5 today instead of the usual time. All the sudden I woke up and it was light outside I said to myself " WHY IS IT LIGHT OUTSIDE ITS NEVER LIGHT OUTSIDE WHEN I GO TO WORK!" I feel horrible I made my mom late for work because someone had to keep a eye on the little one. I must have been more tired then I thought Opps. But it's almost that time for my house warming parties. And I am not entirely ready. I had a goal of being all settled in I am almost there. I set out on a search for farm table and all that goes with it. But its been proven to be harder to find one, I came close but they were all tiny ones. I have big family dinners so I need a big table.

I still have a week till my house warming with friends to find one. I need something though five seats and about 13-26 people coming so as you can see I have a little problem haha. I also made a un realistic goal to find and finish setting up my studio. I tend to always want everything done and be perfect before people see it. I haven't had people over yet just because of that. But other then that the party will happen if I have all the furniture or not. I don't think my friends or family will care.

I wanted to share today some pictures that are inspiring me for decorations for the party.

cupcakes from my favorite cupcake bakery in Portland Saint cupcake.

some yummy champagne

I love their lemonade.

Mmm fondue LOVE it.

And since there will be cupcakes. There should be my favorite cupcake wine :) for those who don't like champagne.

In other news my sister has given this to me. It came with her house it was sadly left behind by the previous owner. I don't remember if it still works or not. If it doesn't I hope it isn't that hard to get working again because I just love it.

Tomorrow I will spend my day cleaning my house from top to bottom (which I love a good deep cleaning). Then running some errands to get ready for my first house warming with my family coming over for a good home cooked meal made by me. I am making a yummy chicken and dumplings and for desert chocolate creme pie.

Now I am all hungry thinking about it. I will post pictures of the festivities. Hope everyone is enjoying their Thursday again this week has flown by I don't know how that happened again.


P.S. I am working on a project for miss elsie's project restyle I cant wait to share it. Head over to her page to read all about it.

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  1. so glad your getting there with the house, it crazy how long it take to get sorted isnt it!!
    Im that same when we moved in to our house i wanted it just so before people came over.
    cant wait to see you project restyle i have done one so far and another one is in progress.


  2. Yeah it's taking longer then I had hoped. It's a process with life and trying to find certain pieces. I have two project restyles that I have in mind. I need to get one last essential thing for my first re style. I cant wait to share. It's so much fun.

  3. I'm sure you're going to pull off the housewarming party just fine! Since it looks like you are well-planned on what you'll serve to the invited guests, but I hope you get to finish fixing the house before that day comes; to make sure that everyone will be at awed at what you've done.