Tuesday, January 4, 2011

a sneak peak

Good morning, isn't it just a lovely day!

I feel like Meg ryan in the beginning of you've got mail when she's smelling scotch tape and says "You can't beat that." She's just so bubbly and genuinely happy. I have slept in my new place for two nights now. I thought the first night would be a little scary I've never lived alone before only with room mates. But it was the complete opposite I felt so at home like i've been living here for years. I have felt lately that my life feels like a dream that at any moment I will wake up and say to myself " wow that was the best dream I wish that could be real." But this my life, I feel so blessed and am so thankful. I have dreamed of being at this place for forever it seems. I always felt things just would never work out. I got so frustrated my mom always would tell me " Everything happens for a reason when its your time it will come" And boy was she right. I would always dream in my head of the perfect house, and decorating it in my head dreaming of storing and displaying my pretty pyrex and vintage dish wear. Then last week I came upon a house that had everything on my check list I had been making since my search for a house began. There were somethings I did not like so being typical me I wasn't going to get it because in my head I wanted EVERYTHING on my list. But my mom was very persistent in me sending in a application. So I filled out the rental application to see what would happen, to be honest I wasn't sure if I would get it because I was asking for a two bedroom house all to myself. And through my experience not a lot of people were comfortable with that. But my landlord contacted me the next day and everything fell so seemingly into place it felt like this was all meant to be. I even had all green lights driving to my house to sign the lease (silly but I thought it was kinda cool) The lease got signed and I am in love with my new place to location is perfect it's close to everything I love. All my cute little shops, food, theaters. It's all perfect, every time I wake up I have to say " Wow so this is real" smile to myself and get out of bed to the smell of coffee brewing thanks to those loving timers. "The best part of waking up is starbucks in your cup" I know its folgers but that coffee is icky.

Now on to the good stuff I wanted to show a before/after these photos are before I have decorated or done anything. I wanted to do it before I had boxes or anything in it. But I moved in to fast to get some snap shots in. So without further ado


I have these cool lockers in my basement I just love them.

I have this thing for cute doors. It's so charming.

This outdoor gardening shed is adorbs.

looking into the dinning room from the sunroom.

My sun room. Which I have big plans for.

My very own studio. I am oh so excited to finally have one.

Gorgeous claw foot tub. I plan on breaking it in tonight with a lush bath.

I have the original fixtures all over the place. Love!

My messy living room. It's still full of empty and full boxes. I will being tackling those tonight.

What a purty front door. I told you I have a thing for doors.

Yummy yummy snowcake lush soap. It's my #1 favorite.

my oasis of a bedroom. I just LOVE the wallpaper.

A little something I picked up from urban the other night.

My kitchen a work in progress. The house is original to the 1927 it was built in but the owner before my landlord re did the kitchen in the 80's. So I'm still trying to figure out how to do this and find my farm table. Yes it will fit I will make it fit.

I hope you enjoyed a little sneak peak into my home. I will show a full tour of the home after I am all moved in and things are put in their places. I also noticed how over the weekend I got some new followers :) thanks for stopping by say a hello sometime.

I hope you all have a lovely monday.



  1. I just love the fixtures.. the lockers.. and I see lots of potential for that kitchen. :) I can't wait to see the after.

  2. oh my gosh its gorgeous, your studio is about the same size as mine (plenty of room) im so happy that you found your little house in the end. i must say i quite like the kitchen the island is really cute.
    Ive decided i want your house please hahah :)


  3. Oh my, what a nice place you have :) Can't wait to see some after shots once you're settled in!

  4. Thanks everyone. :) I must say I am still stumped on how to do my kitchen. Theres not a lot of counter space I think that's my main thing right now.