Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This past weekend.

Was just what I needed a little hang out time with my friend Lori. Got to see Campfire ok not once but twice they did a little take away show at cup and saucer cafe on Hawthorne it was a really fun weekend. Also got to see some other friends at my house warming party I had. And I failed miserably with taking pictures. I had it all planned to take tons. But I spent long running errands and such so I was getting ready till the last min. I've never hosted a party at my house before so trying to talk to everyone was a little difficult. I did snap some pictures and videos from this weekend.

Campfire OK - Lucky from Liz Mangano on Vimeo.

Campfire OK - Wishing You the Best from Liz Mangano on Vimeo.

(oh hi it's me in the end of the video, cant miss that red hair)
One fan that was there asked if they would play a song for her so she could record it on her iphone. And being the nice guy that is his, him and fellow campfire ok member Melodie did just that in the basement of the old church ( what a fun night this was)

Campfire OK - Wishing You the Best from Liz Mangano on Vimeo.

Enjoyed some yummy food at Vita cafe in the lovely alberta neighborhood.

My friend Lori took some cute photos around my house.

My pretty tree lined streets.

Vintage kitchen.

Jars of nuts and candy.

Cupcakes from my house warming party.

Pretty flowers from friends :)

Box full of lush goodies :D
LOVE LOVE this gift. I sat unwrapping it in my favorite little dive smelling each and every one.

The following day was spent eating delicious waffles at the waffle house. I ate my favorite the blueberry cheesecake waffle. picking up my new craft table for my studio, also finding my dining table (FINALLY) It's not a farm table but I just fell in love with it and couldn't part with it. And it was under my budget as for the table went.

This is my new dining table I know its a lot of bokeh but I like it this way.

I still need something to hold my baskets. So here is a sneak peak at my studio so far.

My mom actually found the table and called me freaking out about it (which made me freak out) It's exactly what I had pictured in my head. I am in love with this new antique mall. If you in the portland area I highly highly suggest monticello antique marketplace.

Also we headed to this little shop called tender loving empire which I immediately fell in love with and see many trips in the future.

It's full of handmade gifts and local music. I picked up Typhoon's album Hunger and thirst. I am very glad I did because it's been on repeat since Sunday. You should check them out along with Tender loving empire.

Take a look at their adorable shop.

Pictures taken by myself and Miss Lori Paulson

That was quite the lengthy post. It was a great weekend even if I caught a little stomach bug at the end of it. But thankfully I have a nice cousin who took over watching miss autumn so I could rest and get better.

Happy wednesday everyone.

P.S. Campfire Ok's album Strange like we are comes out February 1st so be sure to pick up a copy

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