Wednesday, January 12, 2011

wish list.

Back again with another wish list. I am dying not being able to buy at least one. Today my pretty shirt from last weeks post came in the mail I cant wait to wear it tomorrow.

I am hoping none of my wishlist items go out of stock. I have to wait patiently till my pretty new card comes in the mail. So for now I will just stare at their lovelyness. *sigh*

Jenlovesken dress so girly and cute.

Floriculture Dress.
I love all the colors and the fabric looks oh so nice.

Rue de Rosiers Dress.
I already have the perfect belt and accessories for this dress. It needs to be mine!

bright and girly tunic.
I was hesitient because it's red annnd my hair is red. But I just love it. My hair wont be red forever anyway.

Winner's Buttercup Tunic

Perfect Photo Op Flat in Wingtip

oh modcloth how I adore thee.

This week I am oh so excited about the release of blue valentine. It's a limited realese I don't know how limited that is so I must see if as soon as it comes out I think.

Two of my favorite actors in one movie, I cant wait.

What are your thoughts on the movie? are you going to see it?

I wish you all a lovely wednesday.



  1. the Floriculture Dress is so amazing i wish i could get in in England!! but the do ship international, this could be dangerous hahah.


  2. Hi! I'm new to your blog - found you through Drops of Jupiter. Your blog is so pretty! Definitely bookmarking!

    Stop by and say hello sometime. :)

  3. I thought they did ship international I could be wrong. It is lovely it reminds me of a pretty librarian.

    Hi veronica aw shucks thanks :)

    I will check it out I love new blogs.

  4. can't wait to see this! i hope it comes close to me!