Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Everyone meet Autumn.

I thought it would be a good idea to introduce Miss Autumn, since I talk about her quite often.

So everyone meet Autumn.

She is my niece and the cutest little girl in the world. She will be two come January 30th. I cannot believe it they seem to grow up so fast. This is how I spend my lovely days Monday-Thursday I've been watching her for my sister since the day she was born, and I love it I couldn't imagine not watching this little ball of energy. We do craft projects all the time, I love that she has already taken a liking to my favorite loves crafting,baking and clothes. I think what you all want to see are some cute pictures I'll make her a big scrapbook one day there I've taken TONS of photos.

In the hospital.

She loved posing from a very young age.

Her first halloween, she was so bald.

her favorite little sock monkey.

She loved make up from a very young age. She's even more obsessed with it now.

First birthday. She wasn't really to sure on the cake thing..boy is that different now.

Miss autumn and cooper. My sister wanted to autumn to have a puppy she got to grow up with. They are a year apart and she loves him so much.

When she discovered the whole picking your nose thing.

She's a wiz at cell phones already. She'll text people for me sometimes. The text usually read a little something like this "ksdjfdkj" etc.

Gosh they grow so fast.

Best expressions.

She loves the outdoors just like the rest of the family.


she loves the photobooth.

She loves her bathtime.

Autumn and her momma. I love her pretty red dress it matches the jacket I got her perfectly. She picked out the shoes herself. I tried finding them in my size and failed. :(

Her and Olivia decided to hide in the closet. Well olivia more just wanted to sleep, Yes that would be autunmn tugging at the poor puppies hair.

Looking back at these makes me realize how fast she has grown. I love this little girl to death and cant wait to watch her grow and take her to school and see her make little friends aww. Now you'll know who miss autumn is in future post.

I am off today me and autumn are going over to my house to unpack for a few hours before I have to pick my brother up from school.

Happy wednesday.


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  1. she really is just so sweet, i love her big smile :)