Monday, January 31, 2011

Home update.

Since my last home sneak peak I have gotten a lot of stuff to furnish my home.( Like my dining table she is SO adorbs by the way. And my work table) But they are set up or decorated how Id like just yet. Finding the time or energy when I get home for work is very minimal.So I figured I could just do one room at a time. First up is the living room, I would still like to find a cute cabinet to put my dvd/cable/internet stuffs inside so they are hidden but other then that the room is perfect.

Excuse the horrible grainy I waited to long into the day to take pictures. During the morning the light is perfect. TONS of natural light.
This is the view from my bedroom door. I just love LOVE that white fireplace I am so glad she painted it. Don't get my wrong I love original brick and all but white fits the house and well me better. So she did a good color choice on that.

My mom asked me the other day how long I planned on keeping these up. My answer "Forever! it's my house and I can do whatever I want" She doesn't understand having lights up past christmas.
P.S. You can kind of see my dining table in this picture :)

My pretty vintage suitcases that I scored one day at a local good will for get this $10 I thought it was only one suitcase until I saw the sticker set of three. I was over the moon excited. I couldn't bare to sit them in a closet or under my bed. So they get to me displayed and seen everyday.

I remember reading in the craigslist ad that it had stained glass windows through out the house along with the tub I've dreamed of. I said to myself "I HAVE TO HAVE THIS HOUSE. I called about two times and emailed I didn't want anyone to see this house before me I had to have it.

The giant white blanket is my substitute for a couch cover until I find the perfect white linen one. It's big enough it covers the whole couch.

My pretty very old wingback chairs. And gorgeous white shabby chic coffee table.I still can't believe how pretty she is. And it now has a original Autumn work of art on it. :) It needs to be re painted on the top though there is this misterous yellow stain that I have covered with books.

Pretty new floor lamp. I knew I needed one because there is zero light in the living room at night. But I had no clue what kind of lamp I even wanted. Then last weekend while shopping at this new antique mall my mom told me she found a lamp and wanted to see what I thought. I knew it was perfect the second I laid my eyes on it, and it was a steal to. I've seen replica's of this lamp in lamp stores for a good $300+ I would never spend that much on a lamp. Lets just say it was a good amount under $100 I was very happy with it. :)

Well folks that's my living room. Next I think I am going to conquer my kitchen.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I spent it with friends and family my little neice turned the big 2! Yesterday I cant believe it they really do grow up so fast. Her and my sister got drum sets for her birthday (well my sisters got herself one for her birthday) Since her birthday is the 26th and Autumn's is the 30th.

Heres a little video of her playing on her birthday she sang while drumming to.

Happy Monday everyone

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