Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Happy birthday little munchkin.

Happy birthday little Autumn. I can't believe you've grown up so fast, time really does fly by. I am so glad I get to be a auntie to the smartest and most beautiful girl. And watch you grow up. I love you so so much little munchkin.
happybirthday happybirthday happybirthday
This morning when I got to my sisters house she had decorated autumns room with a giant number 4 made from tissue paper and hangers. Along with her favorite flowers and a little note. It was the cutest and she was so excited to be turing four. Tonight we will celebrate as a family at my sisters house with autumns choice of dinner mac n cheese and chicken nuggets it will be a fun night indeed.

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  1. Such clever idea and i love the dinner choice, only a four year old would ask for nuggets and mac and chesse as a special treat!