Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sometimes you have to go backwards to go forwards.


So a few months ago my landlord told me that she would be putting her house up for sale at the beginning of the year. To be honest it bummed me out, well it still does. I love this little house it was the first place I lived in by myself without room mates, there are a lot of great memories here. After much craigslist searching, I found it is a lot harder to find a place that accepts dogs of Daisy's size. So I gave the craigslist search a rest until my birthday came around my twenty sixth kind of hit me harder then last years. You know what am I doing with my life? etc etc. And well I am not getting any younger I know I know I am still in my mid twenties. But before I know it I will be thirty and I am wanting to settle down and have something of my own, No more wasting money on rent (it's sickening thinking of how much a years worth of rent is). My mom and step dad had come up with the idea of moving back in for a year or two ( I am hoping for one year, sorry mom I love you but I like my space.) to save for my first place. Boy that sounds so grown up of me but it makes sense I really hate the idea of renting now. I mean all those months of rent I could be saving for a place of my own and renting anywhere it would takes years and years to have enough to put a down payment on anything. I still hate the idea of being twenty six and moving back home I feel like I am going backwards instead of forward but it's the smart thing to do and I am so so thankful that I have a place I can do it. It will be hard leaving this little dream home with the tree lined streets that look gorgeous all year round, or the claw foot tub I've had a million bubble baths in, the original glass knobs on all the doors. I did get asked if I wanted to buy it, I thought about it A LOT. But I just don't have anywhere near the amount to buy a home. As much as I want to I love this house but sadly they will be putting in a light rail right in my backyard. It makes me sad looking at them take down all these businesses and all the homes that will have that in their backyards. It wont be a quiet little neighborhood anymore I couldn't live with that in my backyard. I believe everything happens for a reason and hopefully in a year or two from now I will have found that perfect little home for me and Daisy. It will be a long year that's for sure. So twelve days from now I will hand over my keys and leave that house for good. I should probably start packing though I accumulated A LOT of stuff in two years I went from living in a room with room mates, back to my moms and then to a two bedroom house that I furnished while living there. So I will be donating a ton of stuff as well as storing there are some things I just cannot part with my pyrex collection no sir that is staying I might part with a few though. To new beginnings and a new year.

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