Friday, February 1, 2013

90 Day body revolution update.

Hello there, I am on day 10 out of Jillian Michaels 90 day body revolution and it is going great at first it was harder then the last time I had started. Jillian knows how to kick your ass everyday, the first few days were rough I was sore and nauseous (clearly out of shape). But after about day five I was feeling stronger and excited for the work outs each day knowing that I am one day closer to accomplishing this. The eating has been alright my weakness seems to be the sweets,and pop. When I am told I can't have something I seem to want it more. But she does have these yummy chocolate chip oatmeal muffins I can't wait to try to help with my sweet cravings. I have cut out pop all together so i've gone without that also for 10 days and replacing my soda intake with water water and oh water. My way of getting my 8-12 glasses in is I fill up my giant 24 oz mason jar and know that I need to drink 2 and a half of those a day. Also using my juicer a lot more and have made some yummiest juices. I have a juice recipe post coming up next week. I think this is the beginning of something great yeah yeah I know I say that every time I start something like this but I think after nothing in my closet fitting something in me finally snapped and knew something had to change.
And after day 10 I am already down 4lbs and have lost a total of 15 inches everywhere. I can already see a lot of improvement in my clothes fitting differently. It's amazing and I am so excited to see how else I will change during the rest of this.

Have a fantastic weekend. XO


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