Friday, January 4, 2013

A photo challenge.

After reading Elsie's post on a 365 photo challenge at home. I thought well that sounds fun. But I didn't wanted to be limited to just home so, it can be of anything. And I wanted to find a fun challenge to do in the new year besides a mile a day or something like that. Which I am doing as well but we will talk about that in another blog post. I'd like to make this a new feature for the new year. I'll post my photo a day once a week so I don't post just one picture a day on here. I should probably start up my flickr again to which means I'll have to start my pro account up again as well.

First one is of a yummy morning cup of joe.
A self portrait. I just love the natural light in my bedroom.
Of course there has to be a picture of Miss Daisy.
A yummy lavender candle I made. 365daychallenge

This should be a fun challenge I am excited it will force me to take my camera with me every day. No Iphone photos allowed in this! If your doing something like this I would love to check them out so post a link so I can follow along.

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