Sunday, March 24, 2013

Polaroid love.

I just love the look of polaroids and how you can have that instant memory on film in a instant. I recently found a purse hidden in my moms garage and I was cleaning it out and found some polaroids I had thought I lose forever. I was so happy. Especially of my ones I took while on vacation in Hawaii oh boy am I missing Hawaii and it's warm sand beaches and drinking out of fresh coconuts.
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Summer road trips to walla walla are my favorite summer tradition.
First time driving my jeep on the beach. I was pretty terrified and it wasn't even my idea but there was no where to park besides the beach. I am terrified of the ocean so parking my car on the beach was pretty scary.
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San Francisco I <3 you so and miss you.
Seattle's Kerry park.
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Hawaii you are heaven.
forsale Florida.
I plan on taking more polaroids and film pictures this year theres just something about film that makes those pictures so special. I love looking through all my moms old photos and i'd like to look back on these memories one day.

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