Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Beach day.

Sunny beach days are by far my favorite kinds of days. The weather said cloudy and mid 60's so I wore leggings and a long sleeve shirt cause well you just never know in oregon. Last Sunday myself and my friend Chelsea packed up my car for a beach day with our pups. I think Daisy has a new little doggy best friend it was adorable watching them play. While we were on our drive down we stopped at Dairy queen for a lunch brake since we didn't bring any snacks and probably wouldn't be eating till dinner. The doggies got to stretch their little legs and pee and we ate some not so healthy but yummy food.

After that we got back in the car put on some tunes and headed into Pacific city most people seem to go to Lincoln city but it's just so touristy now it didn't use to be but I am not a huge fan of overly crowded beaches. Plus I wanted to test Daisy on not being on a leash that way she can have more fun and not be stuck to a leash at the beach all day that's just no fun.

beachday beachday beachday beachday beachday

I was so surprised at how well she behaved off leash I was so terrified she would go wondered off and not come back and I would have to chase her up and down the beach just getting her to come back. It was the complete opposite she stayed by me and she didn't stray to far away from me and played with Lita all day they were just the cutest. The weather couldn't have been anymore perfect it was so warm people were wearing full on swim suits and playing in the water which was still cold the oregon coast ocean doesn't get warm even if its like 100 out it would still be freezing I would walk in it but that's about it. There was barely any clouds in the sky the ocean was the most beautiful shade of blue I did not want to leave a day just is not enough at the beach. It's so relaxing and inviting it makes it hard to leave, but I will be back soon very soon. About a week in a half actually my friend Lori will be coming to town for a few days and a beach trip is A MUST. I am trying to talk my nice loving brother to babysit miss Daisy for me for two days so that we can stay and visit my grandma and carl. She's allergic to doggy's so bringing Daisy is not a option as much as it makes me sad Daisy will miss it. I will be excited to get to spend some quality time with my grandma and carl. I love their little beach house and we always have the best time together. Usually go to wine tastings and watch true blood (Yep my grandma loves true blood she's pretty much the coolest grandpa ever). So yeah I plan on lots of beach times this summer, I am so glad such a beautiful place is so close to home.

beachday beachday beachday beachday beachday
I think besides playing in the water Daisy's favorite thing would definitely have to be digging in the sand she just dug and dug until half of her body was in the hole and her little butt was sticking out and she had sand all over her face. She kept sneezing cause she probably had so much sand up her little nose it was adorable.
beachday beachday beachday beachday This is how we all felt after the trip.

Daisy and lita at the beach from Tabatha Yoast on Vimeo.

Here's a little video I took of the doggies playing so stinking cute.
And it really was the perfect beach day, I loved watching the pups play and have the time of their life I think Daisy really was the happiest puppy in the world that day. I am so glad I got to spend that day with Chelsea and the dogs. Many many more trips to come.

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