Monday, November 7, 2011

Music Monday: Sallie Ford and the sound outside.


Now they are one of those bands I've heard of but never actually did some looking into listening to. Then when I found out one of my favorite bands Pickwick will be opening for them in a little over a week right here in Portland. (which they are from by the way) I thought I should look into them to see what kind of show it's going to be. And boy oh boy my ears were so so happy. I immediately felt like dancing around my house. I think I may have heard them play in a commercial on tv around Christmas time but I am not sure. Anywhoo Sallie's voice is amazing. And the show is going to be amazing I already know it. I will be dancing my booty off Sallie ford & Pickwick in one night. I can't wait. Oh your probably wondering what they sound like yeah? well here are a few of my favorite songs.

Sallie for and the sound outside on David Letterman


Are you in love with her voice yet? Are you dancing around your house yet? Well if you are and live or will be in Portland November 18th you should defiantly go to the show. Its going to be a good one I know it. It will be at the wonder ballroom. Or check out their site for a list of tour dates. So be sure to check out Sallie for and the sound outside


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