Saturday, July 9, 2011

Feeling pretty good.

Howdy yall. I hope everyone is having a swell Saturday. Im doing pretty good myself I've been up and going since about 7:00 this morning, I had my personal training session this morning. Which went really well we talked about my goal weight and is it realistic to reach by either my birthday (november 28th) or christmas. I revised my weekly work out routine to going to the gym 5 days a week then on weekends taking it outside on Saturdays for hiking or doing something active outside. She also mentioned something called the fit bit. spontaneoussaturday
Basically you can clip it anywhere on your clothes and it calculates how many steps you take and calories burned that day. It also calculates your sleep patterns and if your getting the right amount of sleep. And the really cool part, it can sync your data from that day from the fit bit to your laptop from only 15 feet away. Then you can see how much food you took in and exercise and see where you need to improve to keep loosing weight. Im pretty excited about it and I'm feeling better about my fitness goals and actually reaching my goal.
I also got these pretty sweet new shoes. Every few years I get new ones and my old nike's have done their time. Well I am off to get miss autumn we're having a sleep over at my house tonight. Which I wasn't perpared for so I no idea what to do for dinner for us two tonight. A trip to the store may be in order although I am not hungry at all so it's hard for me to find things to eat. Hopefully I can find something healthy and creative.



  1. Wow! That fitbit is really interesting. And your shoes are to die for. :D Sea Marie

  2. Oooh cute shoes. I need to do some reading about the fitbit, it really sounds interesting and I think I want one. Have a happy weekend=)

  3. I know it sounds interesting, I want to do a little more reading on it,reviews etc to make me sold on.