Wednesday, February 20, 2013

90 day body revolution.


Week 5 Day 29.
Pounds lost: 8
Inches lost: 33

I am now into phase two of Jillian Michael's 90 day body revolution. The toughest part was the first three weeks. Mainly because with me I usually try new fitness routines or "diets" for a few weeks and either I am not seeing a big enough result so I give up. Or just forget to work out for a day or two then more days pass until I am back at not working out at all. But they say it takes 21 days to form a habit and they are right. Now a days I actually hate not being active but I do give myself one day of rest just because after all the working out during the week I know my body needs that day of rest, I also thought I would share my workout routine on here as well.

Monday| Workout (5) 30 mins & Hot yoga 90 mins

Tuesday|Workout (6) 30 mins & Running 1 HR

Wednesday|Cardio (2) 30 mins & Hot yoga 90 mins

Thursday|Workout (5) 30 mins & Running 1 HR

Friday| Workout (6) 30 mins

Saturday| Hot yoga 90 mins

Sunday| Rest

I saw this photo on delightfully tacky 's blog the other day and couldn't agree more with it
I know it may sound silly to some but I really hated taking exercise classes alone I don't know why I just felt so uncomfortable and going with someone just made it easier and would make me go more because someone is depending on you to go. But I can't depend on people all the time sometimes people can't come or do things and I just needed to get over it and go alone. And I did and actually enjoy it more I still like going with friends but I think because I got out of my comfort zone and did it that's what makes it more satisfying each time. I am enjoying this new journey I am on seeing how fast my body is changing every time I measure and weigh myself I am just blown away. I know that I have to stick to this because I just cannot and will not go back to how my life was I am much happier now in my skin and it's just beginning.

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