Thursday, February 21, 2013

My go to healthy filling meal these days is steel cut oats with whatever fruit I have on hand. I want to add a feature on this blog with some healthy recipes from Jillian Michaels master your metabolism cook book.
Today's is my go to for a fast breakfast, lunch or dinner I just love it so much. I added 1 fuji apple and some granola with sliced pecans. It was perfect and fills me up for a long time. I like adding different fruit combinations blueberry, and blackberry are another of my favorites.

I feel good about eating this no guilt or immediately thinking "UGH I shouldn't of had that!" I hate that feeling after caving in and eating that cheeseburger or that extra girl scout cookie (did you know it's girl scout cookie season already?). Tonight will be a challenge we're going out to eat for my moms birthday it's always hard eating out because I am not the one preparing the food and not knowing exactly what is going into my food. I think salads are usually the safe options when going out it can get dangerous when you go into sandwiches and other things in my opinion. And I want to stay on point food wise since I missed my hot yoga class this morning I was one minute late and they had already locked the front doors to start class. They are VERY strict on that and their's and my schedule don't go well the morning class was the only class I could make so I am pretty bummed about it but I will just add a cardio tape in instead since its pouring outside. I won't let missing a class mess up the rest of my working out or just give up that's the old me and I won't go back. So I think it's about time for a butt kicking from Jillian today I am starting phase two I am kind of scared what the workout will be like today wish me luck!

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