Tuesday, February 12, 2013




Watching: Rehab addict! I recently came across this show and am OBSESSED. The show is about Nichole curtis who buys old historic homes and fixes them up to their former glory it's amazing what she does to these houses to make them look like they did back in the day.

Listening to: Philip Phillips. His debut album The world from the side of the moon is so so good it's been on repeat in my car for a few months now.

Making me happy: Fitting better into my clothes again! and feeling more confident with myself. :D

Thinking about: Spring and wishing for warm days spent at the beach. Oh I cannot wait for spring and all the fresh flowers and sunshine!

Excited about: Hot yoga! Me and my friend Blair have started up hot yoga again its been a while like maybe two years. But it is SO expensive it's around $30 for a week of classes,ten classes for around $120 YIKES! But a lot of studios offer introductory rates two weeks unlimited for $25 which if you think about it one class is $15 it's worth it. We went to our first class last night in a while I could feel it has been a while. the poses aren't super complicated or hard I think for me it's the heat that makes them difficult. You're sweating so much since it is 105 degrees in the room your dripping sweat from everywhere the mat is slippery (need to bring a towel next time...opps). Towards the end I was like please please can this just be over I want to throw up. And just when you think that you lay down and relax and it is over. I felt amazing after words even though I looked like I just stepped out of the shower it was great and were going back again tonight. Got to get the most out of those two weeks right :), and since I know more what to expect and id it once and lived I know I can do it again. Have any of you tried hot yoga and what were your thoughts experiences?


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