Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend recap.

This past weekend the sun finally made an appearance it got up to 85 yesterday it was amazing. It felt a bit like those hot summer nights.

My weekend included.
Lady drink nights and Grey's anatomy with Sam.
-Some great gym work outs.
-Seeing Cabin and the woods with my friend Traci.
(There were some funny parts but to be honest it wasn't that great.)
-Oh yeah then another movie, this time The lucky one with Kara . I really enjoyed it I will probably see it again, my mom still wants to see it and my step dad refuses to see it with her. I just love Nicolas sparks books/movies I can't help it I just love them.
-BBQ's weekendrecap
I had a tattoo appointment last week, no new ink just noticed a few spots that needed to be touched up. So now I am in that icky peeling stage. weekendrecap Whiskey sour's are my new favorite drink these days. Thursday night started off at a local bar by my house with a girlfriend we decided to end the night watching Grey's anatomy at my house and WHOA that was such a good episode. So many "OMG WHAT?" moments. Do you watch Grey's and have you been keeping up? weekendrecap Watch out crazy driver on the loose! weekendrecap Yesterday was all about color. Also darn you Target and your cute dresses, I was doing so good avoiding the clothes section clearly I failed that yesterday. weekendrecap Autumn and her cousin Kian playing golf although it looked more like they were playing hockey later. weekendrecap Munchkin and her momma. I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and that you to had some sun. Because a sunny day can always make everything better. xo Tabatha


  1. oh yay new tattoo! i can't wait to get mine! i love your yellow shoes! where are they from? i am glad you got some heat too! we had a wonderfully hot weekend too! also i love the new layout, i forgot to mention that last time!

    1. Aw thanks I love it so much as well. Oh and the shoes I got last spring at Target. Not sure if they will have them again this year or not.