Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lately I am loving a few things, I thought it would be fun to share them with you all today. The first is the solo project from Stacy king of Eisley, Sucre. It's such a beautiful album from start to finish I cannot stop listening to it, it's been on repeat since I bought it last week, I think it would sound great on vinyl as well. My favorite songs from the album would have to be When we were young the video for that song is so gorgeous to. It was actually shot in the studio space above Mrs. Elise's shop Red velvet art. I also really love the song chemical reaction, light up and troubled waters and heck I love them all. If you haven't heard the album yet I highly recommend you listening to some snippets of it on itunes I know you won't regret it.

Video for When we were young.

Then there is the book I am currently reading The Happiness project by Gretchen Rubin. Basically it's about well the title kind of sums it up. I just started it, I really like it a lot so far. I am generally a pretty happy person but there are a few things I know I would like to work on to make myself happier. I haven't come up with my list of things yet but Gretchen's list goes a little something like this just to get the idea.

Her twelve commandments.

1. Be Gretchen
2. Let it go
3. Act the way I want to feel
4. Do it now
5. Be Polite
6. Enjoy the process
7. Spend out
8. Identify the problem
9. Lighten up
10. Do what ought to be done
11. No calculation
12. There is only love

I am still working on my list I am also wanting to do twelve so that there is one for every month.

One of my new years resolutions was to get back to reading more I used to read a book a month sometimes two a month. I've been on a book kick lately. I just want to buy all these books sit somewhere comfy and just read. I've bought two books this month The happiness project then just for fun book Born to be brad by Brad Goreski. You know him as Rachel Zoe's to adorable style assistant who always wore bow ties and his glasses. Well he started his own show and wrote a book.I am also in the middle of that book, I have been going back and forth between the two. I finished a few weeks ago One day by David Nicholls it was also turned into a movie with Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturges. I really wanted to see it while it was in theaters but if there is a book I like to read them first, so I can form in my head what I think the characters will look like and the books just always have so much more to the story. Sometimes movies skip over parts and leave out really important details. Obviously I knew what the characters already looked like after seeing trailers for it when it first came out. The movie was good I defiantly enjoyed the book more in my opinion. Did you read the book or see the movie or even both if you did which was your favorite the movie or book? I really wanted to read the book The lucky one by Nicholas sparks before seeing the move but I don't think that is going to happen seeing as I plan on seeing it this weekend. I do love his books though, my mom got me started on them when I was in high school with Message in a bottle I remember not being able to put it down then immediately went out and rented the movie, I've been a fan of his books and movies since then. So I am defiantly excited for a new one of his movies to come out. Are you going to be seeing it ? xo Tabatha

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