Monday, July 29, 2013

Road to my first 5k.


Two weeks ago I re started the couch to 5k program. I had been running before that just tracking my runs with the nike running app. But after about a month I had become addicted to running and wanted to run faster,farther and everyday. I had thought about running a 5k before but thought to myself could I actually do this? And I thought why not? I wanted to really challenge myself and thought this would be the perfect challenge. The couch to 5k running program takes 9 weeks. I went on the search for races in Portland and I had heard of the turkey trot before and a run on thanksgiving which just so happens to be on my birthday this year (every 9 years it falls on my birthday). So what better of a present to myself then to do something good for me and that would make me feel so good and proud of myself. I have a few friends who will be joining me so this way I still get to spend time with friends on my birthday. I am going to be documenting my journey along the way here on this blog it will be exciting I cant wait to see how I will run in the race and how I will look at the end of this. Because well lets be honest it's also for some weight loss I've been trying to loose. I took a photo of me this past Saturday and I'll update every once and a while along the way.


I will also be doing the race for the cure again this September with my family to support and show our love for my Grandma who has been cancer free for 6 years now. We did the race for the first time last year it was a lot of fun and emotional at the same time to see all that pink gathering to show up and walk for a cure to this disease.
training training

I can't wait to share this fun new journey on the blog.

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