Saturday, April 27, 2013

Camas vintage street faire.


Currently I am over the moon excited I've been waiting and waiting for what seemed like forever to find out but yesterday I got my contract to have my own booth in the Camas vintage street faire. I am so so excited! I went a few years ago and had a blast. It's on the tree lined streets of historic downtown Camas, Wa I fell in love with it when I went and had so much fun so I thought it would be fun to have my own booth I've never done anything like this so I made some calls and emails and here I am having my own booth!!
camasfaire camasfaire
-I loved the old theater they had there with all the lights lit up.
-My big purchase of the faire when I went that pretty pretty pink chair <3
The eating area was to adorable it all cute and shabby chic like with floral and white linens with mix matched chairs.
am now on the hunt for some cute (inexpensive) business cards as well as some post cards to promote my booth at the faire. I am in full planning mode, what will my booth look like, how do I want to arrange everything. I still need a few things to put in it. Id like to refurbish a few items. So I am on the hunt for some fun pieces to fix up.

If you live in the washington or oregon area you should come on down and say hi and browse. They always have some really great booths filled with goodies and there was a cute little coffee shop that makes a great iced latte. It's only one day at the end of august so mark those calendars!
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