Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Donut love.

Who doesn't love a good donut with sprinkles and chocolate? I've never had the best luck at making donuts. Until now that is I recently tried joy the bakers recipe for brown butter baked donuts. And boy were they so easy all in one bowl to no mixer and letting them rise. Plus you probably have all these ingredients sitting in your pantry right now. It's really a fool proof recipe, I used my donut maker instead of a donut pan since I do not have one and they still turned out fantastic. So if you want some donuts like NOW this is the recipe for you and the frosting was so good also, I can never get the right consistency with icing so I was very pleased at this recipe. My brother ate quite a few of these and handed some to his friends and said they tasted professional like he would eat from a bakery. That was nice to hear when my brother doesn't like something or it taste off he will let me know so to hear that was nice to hear.
donutlove donutlove donutlove
I wish I had one of these babies right now but instead I think i'll be good and make some green juice and go for a run I'll be healthy today :) I hope your having the best day.

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  1. I don't like sprinkles. I love donuts with chocolate and small nuts.

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