Wednesday, June 19, 2013

No bread, no problem..

A month ago I decided that I would give up bread. It seemed like such a simple task I didn't feel like I ate it all that often anyway. I started this all because my mom cannot eat gluten without getting sick and awful stomach pains and headaches, which I was starting to feel a lot more.So I decided to take bread out of my diet and see what happens. It was a lot harder then I thought it would be I guess I either ate bread more then I thought I did it was hard to find meal options without eating bread. I loved a good sandwich or toast with avocado breakfast. I have made it two weeks and actually don't miss it you just have to be creative with meals hamburgers are easy I just get it in a lettuce wrap, instead of sandwiches I just have a salad. I feel a lot better with taking it out I still will plan on eating it just know that it will have to be gluten free. It's always a added bonus that I lost a few pounds so that was nice. :)
These were a few of my favorite recipes during that month, I also added a lot of juicing so I could load up on my greens and vegetables.
Zucchini spagetti.
Now all I did was make my turkey marinara sauce, cut up my zucchini really small and thin popped them in the microwave for 3 mins, took my turkey sauce and poured some on top with some fresh basil and that's it so so easy and so good.
This one my friend made for me at her house during one of our dinner lady dates. She marinated some chopped up chicken breast with soy sauce. After that has sat for a while she cooked the chicken and cut up some zucchini and yellow squash,asparagus,peas and watercress. Once the veggies are cooked drizzle a little sesame oil over the pan and toss some sesame seeds on top and there you go a super healthy dinner. After she made that for me I've made it a few times after that.
I love it i've been really into green juices right now this one is
1 apple
1 pear
bunch of kale
1 cucumber
5 stalks of celery
half cup of pineapple
I do however wish my juicer wasn't a pain to clean its like five million pieces that you have to take apart and put together. I would love to get a vitamix it just looks so much more simpler then my crazy juicer but I am glad I have it. So now that I kicked butt of no bread or pasta for one month I think next I would like to do juicing every day for a month. I think I am going to need some more recipes for a month so if you have any yummy juice recipes you'd like to share id love to hear them.

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