Sunday, October 21, 2012


Lately I had felt like I needed a change I wasn't sure what of just something. And last time I wanted change I chopped off six inches of my hair. And then I had my hair appointment last week and as I was sitting in the chair and she asked me "So the usual?" I said "Nope lets go dark dark brown." She looked really shocked mainly because my mom and sister have been asking me to go back brown its their favorite color on me.So we went black because of the red I didn't want to bleach out the red and do more damage to my hair,Black it was. And I am really loving it, it's been a nice change I had the red for three years and it is very high maintenance color to keep up and a lot of $$ because the red just fades so fast I was going in every 8 weeks. And this black is close to my natural hair color it won't be fading as fast or have the awful root problem I had with red. fromredtoblack fromredtoblack fromredtoblack I have also taken up running again. I usually start running and do it for about a week maybe two then take a day off that leads to more days off and eventually stopping all together. But being with wanting a change after I got back from Pensilvania (Which I will get to in another post) I had noticed lately I had been drinking to much soda mainly diet coke it's my weakness as well as the occasional eating out. Now while I was gone we ate really good no fast food but its just something I've been meaning to cut out all together. It always would make me so sick and id tell myself ok that was the last time I eat that then weeks later id eat it again. So while I was on vacation I had decided that now was the time I just quit cold turkey. I haven't had any fast food for two weeks now and no soda pop for eleven days now. There have been days when a nice cold bubbly diet coke has called my name but I don't buy it to put in my house for those times I could be tempted. And I know that the longer I go without the easier it will be. I've even cut out some coffee and not having it so much and replacing it with more tea and water. So here's to change.
Has there been anything you wanted to change and quit and what were your tricks to keeping on track?


  1. I love the black on you. You have such beautiful eyebrows! I love this change, change is always so good too!