Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Race for the cure.

This past sunday me and my family spent the morning walking for the race for the cure. It was all in celebration for my Grandma who has been cancer free for five years now. We got the whole clan together to walk even miss autumn came out, she was such a little trooper and so was my sister who carried her for the three miles we walked. Autumn did walk for a few blocks but other then that she got piggy back rides. I had never done one of these walks before and I don't know why we just started but we all decided this will be a annual event for our family. It was such an amazing site to see all the pink walking around supporting this. It was such a beautiful day for the walk luckily it was early enough that we got the cool weather before the heat hit. While we were on the walk we happened to walk past the real world portland house one of the cast members was standing on the roof top watching the walk, which my cousin was so excited about she had to stop to get a picture. After we walked we were all pretty hungry so we decided to head over to kells irish pub for some good food. I had the most delicious turkey wrap and sweet potato fries. But if you ever go you must MUST have their nacho's they are amazingly delicious. I took some little snippets of the day. raceforthecure raceforthecure raceforthecure raceforthecure raceforthecure raceforthecure raceforthecure
It was such a wonderful day spent with family and I am so glad we all got together to support all these woman who have survived this and celebrate the ones we have lost. I hope all you ladies regulary do self checks as well as mammograms. I am so proud of my Grandma and I am so grateful she has survived five years and many years to come. I love you Grandma Judy.

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