Saturday, September 15, 2012

That time I drove to California.

So there was that one time I decided to drive to California by myself to attend my friend Sarah's baby shower. It was also the first time we were meeting, we met through instagram/twitter. I remember being so excited and nervous it was such a fun trip. Here are some little snippets from my trip.
California California
The trip started out right with the biggest coffee for the 7 hour drive.
California California California California California California
The drive actually went by pretty fast, I may have listened to milo green's album the whole way on repeat it's just THAT good. I got there around dinner time we had pizza and some yummy salad. After we ate we played phase ten and had bacon chocolate bars and hi chews. It was the perfect end to my first night in California.
California California
The next day was the baby shower but before the party we grabbed some of the biggest iced coffee's i've seen in my life.
The shower was adorable we all got to make iron on onesies for little baby cohen. Sarah made the cutest cupcakes in a jar as favors they looked really yummy I think I forgot mine so I will imagine they were really scrumptious to. California California
After the shower we relaxed a bit with miss norah who is the cutest cat alive. She slept with me my second night there cuddling with kittens while they purr is so adorable. California
And no California trip would be complete without in and out. I hadn't had it in about 10 years before this trip. Since the closest one is in redding and driving 7 hours for a burger seems quite ridiculous. California California Lazy sunday was in full effect with breakfast and season one of the oc. These were also the best herb bagels hands down, I could go for one right now actually. Sadly after some good times were had it was time to make the long drive home the weekend flew by as I knew it would.
California California
It was such a fun little weekend trip. Oh how I wish Redding and Portland were just a little closer or her little family could just move to Oregon already that would be pretty great to :). I'm so excited for her as little baby cohen should be arriving anytime now. I know her and Thomas will be the best parents to that little boy he will be so loved. Thank you again Sarah and Thomas for letting me into your home and being the nicest host. I can't wait till we can all hang out again and next time with a wee little one.


  1. that is so awesome that you went to her baby shower and i looks like you had tons of fun!

  2. I'm really inspired by your solo road trip! I've been thinking about going to Chicago for my fall break, but was unsure about making the trip alone.

    1. You can do it, I was definitely nervous about it with it being such a long drive by myself. But I think you can do it.