Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Rainy mornings.

Portland has welcomed back the rain again for this week. It's been nice as much as I love the sunshine and warm days. It is nice to get a rainy day brake to cool down. Yesterday little miss Daisy got up at 6 am on the dot as she does every morning. We both ate our breakfast and I had my many cups of coffee and listened to some records on that rainy Monday morning. lately lately lately Later in the morning my friend Traci came over and we watched cheesy horror movies had pita pit delivered and played with Daisy. It was a pretty good lazy day. lately Also this little kitty has been stalking my house for almost a week now. She showed up when my friend came over and has been coming to my house everyday since. I know I probably shouldn't be feeding her that's probably why she keeps coming back. But she looked skinny and had mats on her fur I just felt bad. I wish that I could take her in but 1. My landlord wont let me have both a kitty and a puppy. 2. I am allergic so that's a big one. She just needs someone to take her in and give her some extra loving along with a bath and maybe be brushed. I am hoping one of my friends will be able to take her but until then I will keep feeding her she just is so cute and sits and meows at my door I can't help it. What would you do if this little kitten came to your door? xo Tabatha

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