Saturday, October 30, 2010


So the time has come to add a new puppy to the house hold. We recently lost our golden Alexis to heart and kidney failure my mom has come around to getting a new one. A couple months ago my sister got her own puppy for her and her daughter he's a Goberian. Half siberian husky and half golden retriever he is a big ball of energy. Now that my sister and daughter have moved out a long with the new doggy my moms been wanting one more so because its so quiet without the little foot steps around the house but first ,This is Cooper.

Today we went to look at puppies It's actually Cooper's birth sister I got to meet his mommy today she's absolutely gorgeous. They are only four weeks old so we have to wait another four weeks till we can have her. But she is so adorable, hers a picture I took with her today. I forgot how cute little golden puppies were, and their puppy breath that and newborn baby breath. Well that just sounds weird. I don't have a name our old dog Alexis my brother came up with it fit her so perfectly I couldn't see naming her anything else. We have four weeks to think about it so I think were good. I cant wait to be all snuggled up with her and watch a movie. Puppies are so snugly when they are that little I cant wait.


  1. Those little doggys are actually to cute for words, they are just gorgeous.
    I can wait to hear what your going to call the new family member and see more pictures of her :)

  2. We have come up with a few. So far we have daisy, sadie, Zoe (my brothers choice),bella and dakota. Daisy to me seems more of a little dog I just think of a little poodle.

  3. such cute names especially zoe hhahah :) i like bella, i agree daisy is cute but a little dogs name.