Thursday, October 28, 2010

the house blues

I'm having some serious blues. I recently moved out of my old place and on the search for a new place. It has proven to be a lot harder then I even imagined. This post is of my dream home what I would want it to look like. But a little looksie into my last place.

Kitchen it was small but so cute.

I bought that old milk bottle just for this flower.

My bedroom

Now on to my dream home.

I'm just in love with shabby chic by rachel ashwell. She is amazing at what she does. I would love to go shopping with her to find all her great finds.

But for now I'll just daydream in these photos.


  1. awww such a sweet house :) your right the kitchen is cute, i love the colour.
    And the dream house!!!! wow what gorgeous images i also love the whole shabby chic look its so pretty and crisp.

  2. I know it's my favorite style. It just seems so clean and airy. I wish we had one of her stores here. I believe she just opened one up in london it looks adorable.